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The packaging requirements of our customers have been the core focus of everything we do for more than 30 years now. A focus on the needs of the customer, expertise and reliability provide the foundation for long-standing partnerships and shared success.

Corporate development

Even when the company was founded back in 1985, the primary focus was on the delivery and production of corrugated board packaging in line with customer needs. Over the last two decades, we have constantly sought to advance and optimise our production, logistics and development capacities. With a volume of approx. 35 million m2 of packaging made from corrugated board, today we are one of the leading providers of packaging solutions and packaging logistics in Germany. History


A great willingness to get stuck in and deliver, specialist know-how and a clear focus on the needs of our customers are the qualities that characterise the some 100 employees who make up our Lewell team. A constant exchange of information and short communication paths between different departments create the basis for fast, innovative solutions.


Ecological and economic aspects are of equal importance nowadays in the packaging industry as well. Corrugated board as a material sets real benchmarks in terms of environmental sustainability because more than 85% of corrugated board base papers can be recycled. Within the confines of the specific possibilities offered by corrugated board as a packaging material, our aim is to develop fully recyclable packaging solutions which will then of course be produced in an eco-conscious way in line with DIN EN ISO 14001.


Procedures and processes that work are the basis for delivering constant quality. Since as early as 1999, Lewell has implemented and certified a quality system in line with DIN ISO 9000. This system guarantees the quality of both our products and our internal processes in a way that is open to scrutiny. The system has been expanded since 2003 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


Our technical equipment allows us to be highly adaptable, deliver short set-up times, constant quality and an optimum level of efficiency. It forms the basis for specialised just-in-time production and guarantees supreme product flexibility along with short delivery times for our customers. Service portfolio

Bernhard Lemmink, Geschäftsführer

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