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Service portfolio of LEWELL Kartonagen GmbH

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Your core expertise lies with your products. Packaging represents an element that is required for protecting, transporting, showcasing or selling your product. Our core expertise is our ability to transform your requirements into a customised, individual packaging concept including packaging logistics which are tailored to your needs.

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  • Collapsible boxes and die-cut packaging
    • Packaging variants in line with Fefco standard
    • Range of quality grades from fine flute to heavy-duty corrugated board
    • Printing of up to 3 colours using direct flexo printing
    • Production of individual sizes and dimensions
    • Small-volume service
  • Constructive transport packaging
    • Complete packaging with constructive interior
    • Processing options even for ultra-large packaging
    • Use of special materials, e.g. foam, wood
    • Overseas transit packaging and heavy-goods packaging
    • System packaging
    • Packaging with optimised packing density
    • Packaging tests and drop tests
  • Blanks/die-cut blanks
    • Large range of blanks and padding inserts
      from 50 x 50 mm to 3200 x 4000 mm and from 0.1 to 3 flute
  • Offset packaging/labelling
    • Offset lamination of from 50 to 5,000 units
    • Development and production of sales displays
    • Labelling of packaging in all dimensions



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  • Consulting + development
    • Trained field service sales staff
      with many years of experience
    • Dedicated CAD development department with 3 developers
    • Carrying out packaging tests and drop tests
    • 60% of the total volume is constructive packaging
    • Experience from many development projects
  • Packaging logistics
    • Dedicated fleet of 9 truck trailers and 2 tractor units
    • Prompt and reliable logistics through to the assembly line
    • 12,000 m2 storage facility coupled with JIT production
    • Breathing inventory concept
    • JIT logistics with 24/48h service
    • Self-controlling kanban logistics systems
    • Self-controlling demand assessment
  • Packing
    • Packing business in Lichtenfels
    • Use of various semi-automatic machines for packing
    • Demand-based production and delivery of the packaged
      parts for minimum space requirement and optimum material flow
  • Picking

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