LEWELL Katonagen: Practical example


Practical example of consulting

Talking to you to find the better solution

1| Understanding industry needs

Our consultant will talk to you at your offices to find out your requirements and what you are seeking to achieve. Material and logistics requirements are given equal consideration here.

2| Good ideas born out of experience

Your requirements are discussed in prototyping. Short communication channels and a wealth of experience gained from many projects are the foundation for an effective solution.

3| Production-compliant design

The solution which represents the perfect fit is created using CAD. This is used as the basis for calculating the subsequent production costs.

4| Working prototype

A corresponding prototype for approval is prepared with a plotter using original materials.

5| Practical test and approval

Once the prototype has been approved, your packaging is produced efficiently and in line with the quality specifications.

6| Individual packaging solution

You can now rest assured that your new packaging will prove its worth when it is used in practice.

7| Demand-based warehousing

In accordance with your requirements, the finished packaging can be put into storage on demand.

8| Customised logistics concept

If necessary, the packaging will be delivered to you exactly when you need it by our own fleet of vehicles. Various JIT or kanban systems can be implemented here.
Logistics systems

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