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Delivery and logistics concepts

We guarantee demand-based deliveries

LEWELL boasts an integrated, self-controlling system for production and delivery logistics. Your packaging is delivered and produced in line with your needs with minimum buffer stocks.

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Logistics concept

"Kanban delivery"


Just in time/just in frequency

We synchronise your packaging logistics with our production process. You receive the packaging you need as you require it, quickly and reliably. Take advantage of this flexibility to reduce your costs and boost your market potential.

Kanban system

The kanban system which we have developed manages your supply of packaging largely by self-control. Short and direct communication channels form the basis for very low stock levels coupled with 100% availability.

Breathing inventories

Thanks to our system of breathing inventories, the respective production batches are adapted in real time to reflect the way that your real demand levels fluctuate. This means that production backlogs and shortages are both virtually ruled out.

Bernhard Lemmink, Geschäftsführer

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