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Corrugated board packaging is a very voluminous material which takes up a lot of space. High stock levels and a corresponding range of different variants ties up capital and takes up precious storage space. Our packaging logistics offers you the potential to make savings and thus gives you cost advantages over your rivals.

Storage costs

Demand-based just-in-time delivery ensures minimum stock levels along with maximum availability of your packaging. Depending on the material flow levels, storage costs can be reduced by 30-50%.

Administrative outlay

Our aim is to ensure the self-controlling supply of packaging to your company and to guarantee that the packaging is available at all times. We discuss the various procedures with you and set up the system in such a way that your administrative outlay is reduced to a minimum.

Changeover costs

Thanks to optimised stock levels, coupled with our "breathing inventories" concept, you can remain flexible to your customers' needs and you incur much lower costs even in the event of unexpected product changeovers.

Additional service costs

Thanks to our logistics system, we as your service provider also save costs, e.g. associated with moving goods in and out of storage, capital commitment or actual storage space itself. We pass these cost benefits on to you.

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