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Packaging solutions

Constructive packaging

Guarantee for the safety of your products

You have invested a great deal in the quality, function and reliability of your product. This is why you should do everything you can to protect it effectively. You want to have the peace of mind of knowing that your product will arrive at the customer in impeccable condition.

Unique solution for every product

With consideration given to the product characteristics, the packing processes and the transport route, individual packaging solutions are designed in consultation with the customer. Consulting expertise

As well as protecting the product and ensuring a high packing density, the primary focus for us is also on ensuring easy handling in the packing process and for the end customer. Aside from the perfect fit and safe design of the packaging, extra functions such as assembly aids, added-value applications etc. can also be implemented. Depending on the particular task in hand, heavy-duty corrugated board, PE foams, plastic parts or wood elements may be used. Special material

Whatever your requirements - the result is a fully functioning overall solution for your product which on request can also be tested in a drop laboratory.

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