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Packaging solutions

Multi-substance packaging solutions

Corrugated board is a very flexible packaging material, but even this material has its limits. When requirements are extreme, it is often combined, multi-substance packaging including foam or wood parts which provides optimum product protection and a sufficient level of strength.


In the case of very sensitive products, e.g. glass display cabinets, simple corrugated board packaging cannot provide sufficient protection against impacts and shock absorption if the packaging is dropped. Thanks to the combination of corrugated board packaging with foam inserts, which are firmly joined together, the dynamic forces are absorbed and sufficient protection is guaranteed.

Wood reinforcements

Wood can absorb stacking loads like no other material and, with particularly heavy products, it can fix the product in place securely in the packaging. The combination of heavy-duty grades of corrugated board with wooden elements allows packaging with exceptional weight-bearing capacity and strength to be produced. Solutions which combine security for the product with cost efficiency and the weight advantage of corrugated board.

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