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Printed packaging from Lewell

First impressions must be right. 70% of decisions to buy a product are made at the point of sale, and in most cases your customer will first encounter your product in its packaged state.

The packaging of your products is thus the most important image and advertising tool and a crucial factor for sales.

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Design options:

Flexographic printing - simple with big impact

Powerful full-area or graphic product representation in a grid of up to 3 colours.

Flexographic printing is a cost-effective way to present your logo and a uniform overall design within the market - providing a clear signal of the value of your products and clear recognition of your brand.

Labelling - effectively combined

Particularly for larger sizes of packaging or when there are a large number of different packaging variants, labelling using a combination of offset printing and flexographic printing offers a flexible, cheap and yet effective way of presenting your product in an appealing way that will promote sales.

Offset lamination - a classic perfect print

Offset lamination is the ideal tool for presenting your products in a perfect light. Thanks to the computer-to-plate method, the costs of the printing plates are only low, and your designer gets the complete packaging as a platform to design on.

High-quality flexographic printing - opening up new horizons

High-quality flexographic printing allows photo-realistic illustrations with supreme brilliance to be produced in up to a 40 x 40 grid. Particularly with medium and larger print runs, this cheap printing method, in spite of relatively high plate costs, offers many advantages.

Pre-print - perfect appearance from the roll

For large print runs, pre-print is the ideal and cheapest way to create a perfect market image even for large-sized packaging. Despite the relatively high initial printing costs, the roll pre-print is much more efficient in terms of the unit costs even with medium volumes, thus resulting in rapid amortisation of these costs.

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