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Special material

Special packaging for special requirements

Product protection for special assignments is provided by our heavy-duty corrugated board and the varieties of corrugated board which have special coatings. Matched individually to your product requirements, this special packaging can deliver much more than "normal corrugated board" and you thus also save packaging components such as bags, wood, etc.

Heavy-duty corrugated board

Stability and security are the primary concerns with all grades of heavy-duty corrugated board. The double-flute and triple-flute grades of heavy-duty corrugated board can offer a secure hold and protection for heavy products thanks to their extremely high strength and weight-bearing capacity. These special grades are bonded with wet strength and are therefore suitable for transporting your products overseas to any part of the world.


With some special applications, the surface of the paper webs is not suitable for the product which is to be packaged. Suitable lamination or coating of the papers produces high-tech materials suitable for a wide range of different assignments:

  • Lamination with PE fleece material
  • Antistatic coating for ESD packaging
  • PE coating for abrasion-resistant surfaces
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