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Standardised packaging

Made-to-measure packaging for your needs

Standardised packaging from Lewell

Simply well packed – we offer you a

quality solution which is made to measure and works pure and simply – without great outlay and at a good price - naturally also in smaller and medium-sized quantities. View example pictures

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The FEFCO standard
From the smallest dimensions through to oversized packaging

To allow faster development of packaging, the international FEFCO standard form catalogue was developed. The basic forms which this catalogue contains can be adjusted individually in terms of their dimensions, rigidity and quality strength to reflect your needs. From the very smallest dimensions through to oversized packaging, this allows packaging to be developed and produced quickly and flexibly to cater for your needs.
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Blanks and padding

To protect against shock loads and scratches and to fix the product in place in the packaging, padding in a range of different sizes and grades can be used.

Large packaging

Pallet containers & XXL large packaging: To make optimum use of loader space or for voluminous products, we can also make collapsible boxes for you in very large sizes. You can choose here from the full range of different grades and different types of closure systems. Corrugated board grades

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