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The German electrical and electronics industry has had to prove its worth in the competitive international marketplace for many decades now. It can only do this by delivering highly innovative and high-quality products with which it can assert itself over the competition presented by cheap importing countries. As well as the straight product protection for these devices and components, most of which are very sensitive, the packaging is also a crucial tool for presenting the product in an appropriate way to the end user.


  • Does your packaging concept reflect the quality and status of your product?
  • Do you need to design large-volume packaging in such a way that it promotes the products it contains?
  • Are you already using an identical-parts concept to reduce your number of packaging parts?
  • Do you have a tailor-made packaging concept which takes account of the product characteristics as well as handling and logistics processes?
  • Do you require a demand-based, self-controlling delivery system for your production system?
  • Do you have special requirements for the packaging, e.g. abrasion properties, conductance, etc.?


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