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We assess the current state of your packaging process. We know the right approaches for efficient
packaging development. We develop products through to a packaging solution that is ready to go into production.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the most innovative branches of industry. The pressure of competition forces it to constantly optimise prices.

  • Packing density optimisation
  • Use of volume-optimised grades
    of corrugated board
  • Optimised container sizes
    for trucks and containers
  • Optimum packaging handling and pre-assembly
  • Heavy-duty corrugated boards
    or overseas shipments
  • Coated corrugated board,
    moisture-resistant bonding


Furniture & timber

The timber and furniture industry has been placed under constant cost pressure for many years by the purchasing associations. At the same time, new sales channels are increasing the requirements placed on the packaging.

  • Compact open packaging for knock-down furniture
  • Edge protection in a wide range of sizes
  • Variable filling levels within a packaging solution
  • Optimised packaging systems and common part concepts
  • Dimensional stability for particularly good stackability
  • Volume-reduced grades save space despite high strength



The plastics industry is a supplier industry to almost all other sectors of industry. From simple bulk goods through to high-gloss surface finishes, the key thing is always to find a solution that works but is also cost-effective.

  • Long packaging in special dimensions
  • Optimised container sizes for trucks and containers
  • Resealable packaging that is optimised for handling
  • Compact design for high packing density coupled with excellent stackability and strength
  • Large constructive packaging for housings or hoods
  • Coated corrugated board for high-gloss surface finishes

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The metalworking industry faces many challenges. As the range of products increases and production series become smaller and smaller, cost efficiency needs to be safeguarded.

  • Use of modular common part concepts
  • Fixing with parts moulded from wood, solid board and foam padding
  • Heavy-duty corrugated board, grades suitable for overseas shipping
  • Easy and safe to handle for workers
  • Space-saving product arrangement
  • Optimised container sizes for trucks and containers

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The mail-order business has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. The online trade in particular is experiencing high rates of growth, but this also places special requirements on the packaging.

  • Just-in-time delivery to cater for short-term needs
  • Self-adhesive packaging for short packing times
  • Automatic packaging also in large dimensions
  • Machine-compatible packaging solutions
  • Constant availability thanks to flexible stocks
  • Special packaging, e.g. incorporating foam padding

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In the competitive international market, the electronics industry has had to assert itself by offering innovative, high-quality products for several decades. Product protection and product communication are at the forefront of this.

  • Optimum fixing and retention thanks to moulded inserts
  • Secure damping of shock loads and impacts
  • Combination packaging with foam inlays
  • Easy to fill during the packaging process
  • Straightforward removal for end customers
  • Antistatic coating and abrasion-resistant surfaces

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