by lewell
by lewell

*The Lewell team develops and produces corrugated board packaging for transporting products securely while considering the overall cost/benefit analysis. All five cost drivers are incorporated simultaneously into the packaging solution that makes most sense for you.

Purchase price ≠ total costs

A large portion of the costs is only evident on closer examination and is frequently not included in price comparisons. Hidden packaging costs account for up to 75% of the total costs.

Product protection

The correct choice of materials meets the correct design idea. According to the latest studies, damage occurs during shipment with more than 20% of product packaging.

Package handling

Save steps in the packaging process. In combination with our delivery and logistics concepts, they blend seamlessly into your production processes.

Densely packed.Space-saving

The less “air” is packaged, stored and transported, the fewer costs are incurred. Often the cost-saving opportunities far exceed the actual packaging costs in these areas.


The right delivery cycle ensures that your needs are constantly assessed and promptly catered for. The key thing is to save storage costs and administrative outlay.


Does your marketing require individual packaging for each of your products? LEWELL lamination 2.0 enables a maximum degree of flexibility to be delivered at low costs.

Are you familiar with the 'iceberg effect' when considering costs? well.made.solutions® by LEWELL is our consulting service that addresses this phenomenon in a methodical way.

Bernhard Lemmink,
LEWELL Managing Director

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