Consultancy, organisation, production and logistics

Our team

Lewell is a successful, modern family company that is renowned for delivering innovative packaging solutions from corrugated board. Our employees are right at the heart of the company – they are purposeful, dedicated and work in a team to ascertain your packaging requirements so that we can provide optimum solutions.

1 | Consultancy & sales

+ Personal contact in the office and in the field + Packaging advice provided on site + Close links between consultancy, development and office sales team + Industry know-how + Implementing optimisation projects for existing packaging

2 | Packaging development

+ Development of packaging solutions for specific customers and products + Optimisation of packaging in relation to packing density, handling and logistics Possibility of multi-component packaging with wood and foam + Use of coatings + 3D development tools Digital 3D sample presentation and prototyping 

3 | Production

+ Wide range of machinery for all packaging sizes  + Skilled workforce + JIT production for fast production times thanks to highly flexible production facilities + High level of automation on all processing machines + Ability to process packaging ranging from micro flute to heavy-duty corrugated board Capability of providing special dimensions

4 | Assembly services

+ Preassembly of packaging + Assembly of packaging sets + Assembly of “ready to use” packaging + CKD packaging + co-packing

5 | Logistics concepts

+ Just-in-time delivery concepts + Self-controlling kanban concepts + Storage of packaging + Picking of packaging + Delivery concepts for individual customers

6 | Storage

Fully automated high-bay warehouse with 10.000 storage locations + 12,000 m2 of block storage space + IT-controlled inventory management + Hub for rapid deliveries to meet demand

7 | Own fleet

+ 10 truck trailers and 2 solo machines with tail lifts + Computerised shipping planning + High level of reliability thanks to shipping management + Direct deliveries on time without any warehouse transfers

With almost 2,000 sample presentations a year, we are very happy to visit your premises to advise you.


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Logistics service

Developing delivery concept – determining and meeting demands

We guarantee constant reliability of deliveries with our fully automated warehouse system containing approx. 10,000 storage locations. Two redundant storage and retrieval machines perform 250 stock movements per hour to ensure high speed and the availability of every single item.

Flexibility: Option of flexible stocks with high turnover

Minimised administrative outlay

Determine the minimum stock levels, release quantities and delivery cycles

Storage and delivery of all required batch sizes within 24/48 h

Items kept in stock for shortest time possible

Kanban control for demand-driven retrieval and delivery operations