How to be sustainable, innovative and efficient.

As an innovative company in the packaging industry, we have placed our customers and their individual requirements at the center of our activities for more than 35 years. Our approximately 180 employees are the core of our company. With a high level of commitment and specialized knowledge, they focus on the needs of our customers and implement the best packaging solution in each case.

Our new production site in Eisfeld:


advisers and points of contact working in
the office and out in the field


development projects
each year




production sites in the
centre of Europe


in total


m2 of cardboard packaging
processed each day

What drives us every day


A cooperative partnership that is characterised by trust, appreciation and honesty provides the basis for a successful working relationship – both internally and in relation to our customers.


We are a family company that thinks and acts across the generations. Our relationships with employees and customers have been built up over a long period of time. In the interest of preserving the environment and resources, we always strive to find packaging solutions that are economically and ecologically balanced. Our company has been FSC®-certified since 2018 (FSC® C140809).


As a medium-sized company, we respond flexibly to the very different requirements of our customers. Our “just-in-time” production and our wide range of processing equipment make us a professional problem-solver – able to handle both small and large quantities.


Stable processes guarantee a consistently high level of material and processing quality and deliveries that are made on time. Our reliability reflects our industry expertise and thus forms the foundation for fruitful business relationships.


We enjoy coming up with new packaging solutions and more efficient production methods. Our employees’ high level of specialist expertise, short communication channels and constant engagement with our customers and suppliers provide the basis for delivering effective innovations.


Processes that work properly are the foundation for consistent quality. Lewell’s quality system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since as far back as 1999. It guarantees both the quality of our products and of our internal processes in a verifiable way.


Lewell maintains the high standards in quality assurance and environmental protection, documented by relevant certifications.

We love corrugated board.

It is the multitalent among packaging materials –
versatile, stable and 100% recyclable.

Corrugated board is an ingenious packaging material which offers perfect protective properties and a high level of stability in our constructive packaging solutions. Day after day, our packaging developers continuously push design boundaries in trying to find new ways to make the best use of corrugated board as a packaging material. With a recycled fraction of containerboard of more than 85%, cardboard packaging also sets the standards when it comes to environmental compatibility.